Good Friday 2024 – March 29, 2024

Good Friday 2024 is the day to commemorate the demise of Jesus at Calvary. The site was just outside of the walled city of Jerusalem at the time Jesus was executed. The day falls on the Friday preceding Easter. For 2024. That’s the 29th of March. A majority of Christian faiths consider Good Friday a holy day. Many, comprising those who are of Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Lutheran religions, a attendthe church is much more to this celebration than just religious celebrations. For many, it is an extremely personal time of prayer and worship. We’ll take a look.

Good Friday 2024

History OF Good Friday 2024

The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ at the site of Calvary is observed by the celebration of Good Friday, a Christian celebration of the religious calendar. The celebration is held in Holy Week, and the holiday is considered to be part of the Paschal Triduum on the Friday preceding Easter Sunday. It is recognised as Great Friday, Black Friday, and Holy Friday. All over the globe, Good Friday is a National holiday across many nations and regions, particularly in Catholic as well as Anglican countries. The customary way to observe Good Friday is to fast to mark this day, which is followed by a solemn procession.

The precise dates of the origins of Good Friday are unknown; however, the tradition began around the fourth century. In fact, the practise of fasting and setting limits for yourself to grieve the loss of Jesus is an old custom. The reason behind why it’s called Good Friday is also unknown; however, there are many theories. Many believe that the phrase ‘God’s Friday changed to Good Friday and that religious believers insist that the holiday is referred to as ‘good’ because it’s an ode to Jesus and all that he represented against the evildoers. There is also a widespread belief that Jesus was killed on a Friday; however, this isn’t enough to just explain why the word ‘good’ was added” to the day.

Jesus gave up his life to love his followers and the whole world. Jesus’ death was the final sacrifice. Although it was an awful date in the history of mankind, it paved the way to salvation for humanity when Jesus got resurrected just the next day.

Jesus is hung on the cross, surrounded by thieves, for six hours before his death.


Why is it called Good Friday?

“That horrible Friday was known as Good Friday because it led to the resurrection of Jesus and his triumph over sin and death, and the celebration of Easter, the highest point of Christian celebrations,” according to the “Huffington Post.”

What was the story of what happened on Good Friday?

A lot of Christians across the globe observe Good Friday on the Friday prior to Easter Sunday. It is a day to commemorate Jesus’s Passion as well as his crucifixion and death. The story is described in the Christian Bible. The day immediately following Maundy Thursday. Good Friday is the day to commemorate Jesus’s death at the cross.

We call it Easter.

The name of the festival, Easter,” is believed to trace its roots back to an ancient goddess of England, Eostre, who was celebrated at the beginning of the spring.


  • Pray: Many Christian church services were held during the time that Christ was crucified. Religious people often observe a silent prayer at the crucifixion time, particularly between noon and 3 P.M.
  • Fasting: Depending on the Christian faith, it could be beneficial to observe fasting on Good Friday. This is an established day for fasting in the Catholic Church, such as
  • Volunteer Jesus highlighted the necessity of helping those who are less fortunate than us. If you believe in a religion that allows you to volunteer, think about doing so at the church you attend or in your local community this holiday as a way of giving to others.


  1. The word “Good Friday” dates back to the past.
    The first known usage of the word “Good Friday” is from 1290, in a book called “The South English Legendary.”
  2. Take a flight with a kite.
    In Bermuda, there is a tradition to fly kites on Good Friday to symbolise the cross as well as Jesus ascending into heaven.
  3. Darkness
    According to Christian custom, after Jesus was executed, it was dark all over the earth, and the earth quaked.
  4. Lucky Cross Buns
    Tradition dictates that you eat hot, sweet, cross-shaped buns on Good Friday. This has been said to bring luck.
  5. Get the scissors!
    An old belief states that having a haircut on Good Friday can prevent headaches throughout the year.

Why Good Friday Is Important

  • It’s a day for worship.
    Jesus was ordered by his followers to carry his cross to Calvary, where he was hung alongside two other criminals. He was in the body of his cross for as long as six hours. Based on biblical lore, he was alive from noon until three P.M. on that day, when the sky darkened.
  • We are reminded of Jesus’s sacrifice.
    The Christian belief system teaches that Jesus was the son of a virgin Mary. When he was an adult, Jesus was a minister who performed miraculous acts before being executed by the authorities. The sacrifice enabled the forgiveness or pardoning of Christians who had committed wrongs.
  • Historical Jesus
    Every scholar from antiquity is convinced that Jesus was a historical person. New Testament expert Bart Ehrman states that “Jesus was certainly a real person in the past, and virtually every reputable scholar, Christian or non-Christian, is in agreement.”


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