Islamic Sayings: 10 Essential Islamic Sayings

Islamic Sayings, more commonly referred to as Hadiths, provide profound pearls of advice derived from Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). These profound statements offer Muslims valuable insights into various aspects of human experience – let’s take a look at some of these most beloved Islamic sayings that continue to guide and inspire people all over the world!

Islamic Sayings

Understanding Islamic Sayings

Islamic statements are an assemblage of Prophet Muhammad’s actions and traditions as recorded by his scholars and companions over generations. They cover an array of subjects related to his character, faith relationships, lifestyle choices and more.

1. Bismillah – in the Name of Allah

Bismillah translates to, “In Allah’s Name. Allah.” Muslims begin their journeys whether modest or grand with an expression of thanks and prayer for blessings from Allah and guidance; this serves as a constant reminder that He is with them through every aspect of life.Islamic Sayings

2. As-Salamu Alaykum – Peace Be Upon You

As-Salamu Alaykum is an everyday Islamic greeting which means, “Peace be with you.” Muslims commonly use this salutation to show their desire for peace and blessings for those around them, while responding with “Wa Alaikum As-Salam” signifies reciprocity of kindness and respect between individuals.Islamic Sayings

3. Inna ma’al usri yusra – With Hardship Comes Ease

This verse encourages believers to remain patient during difficult times, knowing that relief and comfort will come soon enough. This verse serves as a reminder for Muslims that all trials they face are temporary, so they must trust in Allah’s plans.Islamic Sayings

4. La ilaha illallah – There is no god but Allah

La Ilaha Illallah is at the core of Islamic belief. This phrase means, essentially: There exists no God other than Allah.” This affirmation communicates Allah’s unchanging and timeless nature while serving as the basis of Muslim faith.

5. Inna Allaha Ma’a Sabireen – Verily, Allah is with the Patient

This verse offers those who believe reassurance that Allah is with those who remain perseverant through tough situations and demonstrate faith in Allah’s wisdom. It emphasizes the significance of faith.Islamic Sayings

6. Halaal is Clear, and Haram is Clear – Recognizing the Boundaries

This quote illustrates the clear Islamic guidelines regarding what is permissible (halal) and forbidden (haram). It calls on Muslims to adhere to these regulations so as to live a moral and lawful lifestyle.Islamic Sayings

7. Actions are Judged by Intentions

This verse stresses the importance of sincerity in all matters. Muslims should endeavor to perform acts of worship with purity and seek Allah’s blessing instead of approval or praise from anyone else.Islamic Sayings

8. The Strong Believer is Better and More Beloved to Allah

This verse serves as a reminder to people about the significance of showing physical strength as well as being strong in character and faith. Allah appreciates those who exhibit determination in their devotion to Him.

9. Modesty is a Branch of Faith

Islam places great value on modesty in both behavior and appearance, making this statement a testament to this principle of faith for any believer of Islam.

10. The Believers are Like One Body

This saying highlights the interconnectivity and harmony within Muslim communities, encouraging members of these societies to support each other like cells do within one body – functioning together seamlessly like one organism.Islamic Sayings


Islamic statements provide wisdom, guidance and inspiration for Muslims worldwide. The prophet Muhammad (peace be with him) taught simple but profound lessons which apply in all areas of our lives – encouraging believers to build faith, compassion and righteousness as part of an integrated lifestyle. Integrating Islamic statements into everyday routines creates a deeper relationship with Allah while inspiring peaceful living – providing comfort as well as strength on their journey toward spiritual fulfilment.

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