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Jesus in Islam jesus is a revered prophet position in Islam and his life story has been woven for a long time in with its teachings. Islam provides its own version of Jesus, identified as Isa in Arabic as Isa with distinct differentiating features and similarities from the version which is ascribed to Christianity. This article examines both portrayals for a better understanding of his character. In this piece, we’ll take a look at Isa and look at some of the key aspects of his character and also.

jesus in islam

The Birth of Jesus

According to Islamic traditions, Jesus was given life by Allah (God). Based on Quran narratives as well as Islamic customs, Mary conceived Jesus without any human intervention through God’s power alone. This miraculous moment is highly revered in Islam since it signifies it’s supremacy over anything else that exists.

The Miracles of Jesus

Jesus his ministry was marked by a variety of miracles that he carried out with Allah’s blessing for example, healing the sick as well as restoring sight to blind people, and bringing the deceased people to life, and even rising from graves. The extraordinary feats of Jesus’ revealed the prophetic nature of Jesus and his relationship with the divine powers.

Jesus as a Prophet

In Islam the prophets are chosen by Allah to help humanity move towards the path of righteousness. Jesus adhered to this ancient tradition when being sent as one of the prophets sent to Israel to spread monotheism and change their practices and spread Islam’s message urging people to believe in only one God.Jesus in Islam

The Message of Jesus

Jesus’s primary beliefs were in perfect harmony with Islam’s core concepts, stressing unity with God and a sense of compassion as the most important qualities. Jesus was a moral teacher, encouraging his followers to be just and generously, while also warning against arrogance and materialistic thinking in the form of causes for harm.

The Crucifixion in Islamic Perspective

One of the main distinctions in Islamic and Christian stories of Jesus’s death is in the interpretation they give of his execution. Islam affirms the belief that Allah has saved Him from being executed and then raised Him to Heaven instead. According to Quranic traditions, His adversaries attempted to plot against Him but they failed in killing Jesus.

The Second Coming

Islamic Tradition holds that Jesus is coming back to Earth in the future in the coming of the End Times, also known as the Second Coming, to defeat the false Messiahs (Antichrist) and restore peace and justice, and finish God’s work to the fullest extent.

Respect for Jesus

Muslims are of the opinion that it is essential to Islam to revere the prophets of all times, including Jesus. Everyone Muslims are required to consider him to be an angel sent by God. If they are discussing him with reverence tone, they will use words like “Peace be upon him” in order to demonstrate their reverence.


Jesus is a figure in Islam is considered to be an idol who showed unwavering dedication and faith in Allah and a knowledge of the interfaith relationship, which aids in fostering dialogue and fosters the respect of those who have different views on religion.

Be aware that regardless of whether you follow Christianity or Islam, Jesus’ teachings about love, kindness, and compassion are in vogue and are universally applicable.

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Jesus in Islam Jesus in Islam

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