Thing Jesus Did: A Journey through Miracles and Compassion

Jesus, as the central figure of Christianity, is revered for his profound teachings and incredible feats during his earthly ministry. Join me as I explore some of Jesus’ remarkable acts: from miraculous healings to his unfaltering compassion!

Thing Jesus Did

Thing Jesus Did: Miracles of Healing

Jesus’ ministry was marked by many healing miracles that demonstrated his divine power to restore health and wholeness to those in need.

1. Healing the Blind:

One of Jesus’s most inspiring miracles was giving sight back to a blind man brought before Him at Bethsaida; His compassionate touch restored sight into this man’s eyes, leaving those present filled with wonder and amazement (Mark 8:22-26). This act left them all speechless (Mark 8:22-26).

2. Raising of the Dead:

Jesus showed his remarkable compassion when he raised Lazarus from death after four days in his tomb (John 11:38-44). Jesus demonstrated his power over death while giving believers hope of eternal life (John 11:38-44)

3. Curing Lepers:

Jesus boldly reached out to those living with leprosy to bring healing, showing his great compassion for those considered marginalized (Matthew 8:2-3). His touch brought great peace for many affected with leprosy who received physical relief through Jesus (Matthew 8:2-3).Thing Jesus Did

Feeding the Multitudes

Jesus demonstrated his kindness by meeting physical needs for multitudes through miraculous provisions from above. On various occasions, He demonstrated this divine ability by feeding hundreds or even thousands of people.

1. Feeding of the Five Thousand:

Jesus performed one of his most celebrated miracles when He fed five thousand with five loaves and two fish (Matthew 14:13-21). His miracle demonstrated how abundantly He provided for his followers (Matthew 14:13-21).

2. The Feeding of the Four Thousand:

On another occasion, Jesus displayed his limitless generosity by multiplying loaves and fish to feed a crowd of four thousand (Matthew 15:32-38)! This event demonstrated his unmatched generosity.Thing Jesus Did

Walking on Water

In a moment of great trial for his disciples, Jesus displayed his divine power over nature.

Walking on the Sea:

During a violent storm on Galilee’s Sea of Galilee, Jesus terrified his disciples by walking on its surface. However, His calm presence comforted them; even inviting Peter out of their boat to join Him walking across it (although Peter faltered at this task). Regardless of Peter’s doubts over Jesus authority over nature (Matthew 14:22-33)

Jesus extended his healing powers beyond physical ailments; he also provided forgiveness for sins as evidence of his profound love and desire for reconciliation.

Forgiving the Paralytic:

After being presented with a paralyzed man, Jesus forgave their sins despite criticism from religious leaders who questioned his authority. As proof of His ability, He healed their condition allowing them to walk again (Mark 2:1-12).Thing Jesus Did

Teaching Love and compassion

Beyond his miraculous acts, Jesus’ teachings embodied love, kindness, and inclusion.

1. The Greatest Commandment: In response to questions regarding the greatest commandment, Jesus stressed the significance of loving God with all our heart and loving our neighbor as ourselves (Mark 12:28-34) as the way forward (Mark 12:28-34)Thing Jesus Did


Jesus left an indelible mark on the world with his remarkable deeds that displayed divine power, compassion, and love. From healing the sick and feeding crowds, walking on water, forgiving sins, forgiving debtors and teaching love and tolerance he made an unforgettable impactful impression on people all over.

Today’s believers continue to find hope and inspiration in Jesus’s actions and miracles, understanding that they reflect his compassionate character who invites all people to follow him and experience fuller lives and redemption.Thing Jesus Did

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