When Did Christianity Become the Dominant Religion in Europe

When Did Christianity Become the Dominant Religion in Europe

When Did Christianity Become the Dominant Religion in Europe ?

Christianity’s spread across Europe has been an incredible historical journey that profoundly altered its cultural, social, and political landscape. From its humble origins as a small religious movement in Eastern Mediterranean to becoming the predominant faith across Europe – Christianity’s rise is one of religious passion, strategic alliances, and pivotal historical events – in this article we’ll look at its key milestones to become Europe’s dominant faith.

Early Christian Expansion:

Christianity first made its debut during the first century AD within Roman province of Judea under Jesus Christ’s teachings and those of his apostles. Following Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection, early missionaries spread Christianity across Roman Empire and beyond – its message drawing converts from diverse social backgrounds as believers believed that salvation through eternal life lay just ahead.

Constantine the Great’s Conversion and Edict of Milan (4th century AD):

A major turning point in Christianity’s rise occurred under Emperor Constantine the Great, as seen through his conversion and Edict of Milan in AD 313. Apparently in AD 312 Constantine had an out-of-body experience featuring Christian symbolism – such as Chi-Rho – before an important military victory; following which, he converted to Christianity, pronouncing religious tolerance via Edict of Milan in AD 313, ending persecution against Christians within Roman Empire structures – helping Christianity gain legitimacy while beginning integration into imperial structures – something many others never saw coming through to see through.

Council of Nicaea (AD 325) and Nicene Creed:

To settle theological debates within Christianity and establish orthodoxy, Constantine convened the First Council of Nicaea in AD 325. Outcome of this ecumenical council was the creation of the Nicene Creed which laid out core beliefs as well as solidified Jesus Christ’s divinity – serving as an unifying statement across Christian communities across his empire.

Christianization of the Roman Empire:

Over time, Christianity began spreading within the Roman Empire and gradually attracted more adherents. By the 4th century AD, Emperor Justinian officially adopted Christianity as his official state religion, further speeding up Christianization and inspiring grand basilicas and churches throughout his empire to be constructed.

The Decline and Fall of the Western Roman Empire (5th Century AD):

The decline and fall of Western Roman Empire had an enormous effect on Christianity’s dominance, as Germanic tribes moved in and adopted Christianity, further spreading Christianity throughout Western Roman territories.

Missionary Endeavors and Monastic Movements:

In the Middle Ages, Christian missionaries such as St. Patrick and St. Augustine of Canterbury led Christian faith across Europe’s regions by spreading it with Christianity. Additionally, monastic movements established by Saint Benedict played an integral part in upholding Christian knowledge and values during turbulent times.

Christianization of Barbarian Kingdoms:

In Europe’s early medieval period, Christian conversion by various Germanic and Slavic kingdoms such as Clovis I’s Franks or Carolingian dynasties further cemented its presence.


Christianity’s journey into becoming the dominant religion in Europe was marked by an intricate interaction among historical events, religious movements and political support. From its humble roots in Judea under Roman rule to being established as state religion by Emperor Constantine himself – its expansion across Europe marked history and culture profoundly; leaving an impactful legacy that still impacts European societies today.

When Did Christianity Become the Dominant Religion in Europe

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When Did Christianity Become the Dominant Religion in Europe When Did Christianity Become the Dominant Religion in Europe

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