Why i Left Apostolic Christian Church

Why i Left Apostolic Christian Church

Why i Left Apostolic Christian Church ?

In this story, I present my journey out of the Apostolic Christian Church – a conservative denomination with strong Anabaptist roots – which involved questioning deeply held beliefs and values that formed my identity and worldview. Please keep in mind that my experience may differ from others’; some might view my decisions differently when leaving religion communities like this one altogether.

Discovering Apostolic Christian Church

From an early age, I was immersed in the Apostolic Christian Church community and its teachings have permeated every facet of my life – family traditions to social interactions and worship practices. From them I learned how to embrace literal interpretation of Bible passages while adhering strictly to traditional values while leading a life that remains modest and simple.

Controversial Issues and Conflicts in Our Families

As I aged, I began experiencing moments of doubt and internal conflicts within myself. Church doctrine clashed with my newly acquired critical thinking skills and my exposure to different cultures; teachings seemed exclusive and failed to account for changing social norms, while strict regulations for dress, entertainment and interaction seemed restricting and restricting. I began questioning any teaching that seemed exclusive or exclusionary while restricting individualism – it all led me down a road toward disillusionment with church life altogether.

Seeking Understanding

Seeking Understanding Its In pursuit of understanding, I reached out to church leaders and fellow members hoping for open discussion and assistance, but my inquiries were often met with resistance or directed back at unquestioning faith instead of receiving responses that addressed my inquiries and concerns. These results caused me to feel alienated within my community.

Weight of Tradition

My internal struggle was compounded by traditions and community expectations within my church community. Departing would mean both abandoning my religious beliefs, as well as potentially breaking off relationships with devout members of my extended family – this added yet another emotional burden on top of an already heavy emotional load I carried around with me.

Engaging Spiritual Exploration.

After some time had passed, I made the conscious decision to explore spirituality beyond its confines within Apostolic Christian Church. Engaging with people of various faiths and belief systems helped broaden my scope, giving me more appreciation of how richly human spiritual experiences differ and opening my mind up to an expanded comprehension of our complex world and all its belief systems.

Harmonizing Personal Values

As I set off on this spiritual path, I found myself reconciling my personal values with those taught by Apostolic Christian Church. While still respecting its traditions and doctrines, they no longer seemed necessary or binding for my beliefs to exist fully within my worldview.

Acceptance and New Perspectives.

Slowly but surely, I learned acceptance within myself. I realized that leaving the Apostolic Christian Church did not require rejecting everything it stood for but rather acknowledging my unique beliefs and experiences as an individual with unique views of life. Acceptance enabled me to develop an inclusive worldview emphasizing compassion and empathy towards all individuals regardless of religion or cultural background.


My journey out of Apostolic Christian Church was one of profound personal growth, introspection and expanded spiritual awareness. Although leaving involved challenges and sacrifices, ultimately this experience helped me uncover my authentic self and foster greater harmony within myself and with those around me. While everyone’s experiences may vary, mine serves as a reminder that questioning, seeking understanding and remaining open-minded to multiple interpretations on faith and spirituality is critical to progress and growth.

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